Uncontested Divorce

Working To Resolve Uncontested Divorces in New York

Sometimes a marriage doesn’t work out — feelings change and parties move on. When you and your spouse are ready to move on with your lives with as little animosity as possible, an uncontested divorce is the path to take to structure a fair settlement agreement between family members.

In a situation with little animosity, a divorce can be resolved quickly when two parties sit down and resolve their differences together. At the law firm of Gerard J. Pisanelli, I help spouses draft a separation agreement or a stipulated settlement after they have agreed to an outline of their divorce during mediation.

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An uncontested divorce is often a good way to resolve a divorce favorably and less expensively — without the need to engage in long, drawn-out legal bickering. When spouses are willing to sit down and work together, agreements can usually be reached quickly and favorably. While New York law requires establishing fault during a divorce, it is helpful to focus on working together to resolve issues with your spouse — setting the misconduct aside to resolve important financial decisions.

Helping You Work Through Your Divorce

One of the biggest things that an attorney can try to do with people going through an amicable divorce is to educate them about the process and the challenges they will face. Once clients realize that a spouse’s marital misconduct plays only a small factor in dividing marital property and awarding alimony and child support, they are able to set that issue aside more readily.

As a local family law attorney, I am ready to help you deal with all the issues related to your uncontested divorce in New York:

My firm will also assist you with issues related to the modification and enforcement of divorce orders and agreements should they arise after your divorce.

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