Honest Legal Representation

I am very aware of client’s feelings when it comes to the topic of fees. Are you thinking, “Can I afford legal representation?” when you really should be thinking, “Can you help me?” Perceptions of legal fees have long been exaggerated. At my office there is no strict legal fee chart. I work with you as an individual.

Each and everyone’s needs vary and the level of intensity of each case matter is different. Some of the cases may be billed on an hourly basis while others may be billed on a flat fee rate. Class action and personal injury cases can be handled on a contingency basis. My bills are simple and easy to read.

I offer a FREE phone consultation and case evaluation so that you know what your fees will be before you even begin.

At my office I believe when it comes to fees, there should be no surprises. I work hard to clarify fees at the very onset of any discussions. I want to be fair to you and at the same time to my office. My fees are very competitive with other law firms. I have one definite advantage at my office. Call today and let me be of service to you.