Child Custody and Visitation

Protecting Parents and Children in a Divorce

Children in any child custody or visitation dispute have rights — in fact, the courts recognize a bill of rights for children whose parents are separating. These rights help ensure that children are protected from the animosity that can occur during any divorce.

At the law firm of Gerard J. Pisanelli, I am a lawyer who represents parents going through child custody and visitation disputes in the state of New York. My firm believes that families should work together to create parenting plans that parents can use to raise children after a divorce.

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Child Custody — Protecting Relationships With Children

Many factors are helpful to the court when awarding child custody over a child. While these are guiding factors, not to be followed blindly by courts, they are used to determine what is in the child’s best interest. When awarding physical and legal custody, some of the factors that the court uses include:

  • Stability for the child
  • Child’s home life
  • Child’s primary caretaker
  • Physical and mental health of parents
  • Child preferences

I will also help parents seeking to modify or enforce child support and visitation issues related to parental relocations and disputes.

Fostering Relationships Between All Parties

Visitation, once considered only the right of the parent, is now viewed as the right of both the parent and the child. To that end, the state of New York will work to foster a relationship between a child and both parents. But when the court determines that it is in the child’s best interest, the court will restrict, supervise or deny visitation if circumstances warrant. In all cases, the court tries to defer these decisions to parents. My firm will work with you and your spouse to determine a fair approach to take in a visitation dispute.

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