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Unlicensed Operator, License Suspensions, and License Revocations in Dutchess County

New York State has some of the toughest laws against unlicensed driving in the nation.  It is a crime to drive when your license is suspended or revoked.  The penalties depend on the type of suspension or revocation, and how many you have.  The follow is a list of the top ten (10) ways a […]

Bill Of Rights for Children Whose Parents Are Separated

Divorce is hard on both parents and children.  Many times children get caught in the middle of the battle between the parents.  The following Bill of Rights for Children is a guideline for parent behavior during and after separation.  This list is a helpful tool for children as it provides them with a way to safely […]

Dutchess County Not Guilty

As an experienced Defensive Attorney, I know the importance of maintaining a client’s not guilty plea until all avenues have been explored to either get the matter dismissed or reduced. Maintaining the not guilty plea requires the Prosecutor to thoroughly examine the facts and law regarding the criminal charge(s). By maintaining the not guilty plea […]

No Distinctive Plate Dutchess County

No Distinctive Plate (VTL § 402(1)) Recently, a number of people have been stopped by police officers for a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) § 402(1), otherwise known as No Distinctive Plate. In relevant part, under this section of the VTL no person shall operate, drive or park a motor vehicle on New […]