Alimony and Spousal Maintenance

Helping Spouses Reach Alimony Agreements in New York

Some of the most divisive disputes during a divorce relate to money and alimony, called spousal maintenance in New York. Issues about money can ignite an already-explosive situation — an emotional situation that can serve as a hindrance to the resolution of your divorce.

At the law firm of Gerard J. Pisanelli, I focus on helping clients reach fair alimony agreements with spouses during a divorce. While I always encourage spouses to attempt to resolve disputes through mediation and negotiation, I am a lawyer capable of handling protracted martial disputes including alimony.

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While the court has leeway in the amount of alimony it awards in a divorce, there are certain guidelines that must be considered. The court must provide a complete list of the factors that it used to award alimony, including some of the following:

  • The amount of income and the property available to both spouses
  • The length of your marriage and the age and relative health of you and your spouse
  • The earning capacity of spouses — present and future
  • The ability of a dependent spouse to become self-supporting
  • The diminished earning capacity of a spouse attributable to foregone educational and career opportunities
  • The presence and custody status of children

Attempting To Resolve Disputes Through Negotiation

One of the tools that I use to settle alimony disputes is a court referee — who can help broker a deal between spouses. I have a lot of experience utilizing a referee to help parties reach some sort of common ground in their divorce. Negotiated disputes are by far the cheapest and quickest way to handle divorce disputes in New York.

Whether you need assistance with the initial alimony award or with the modification or enforcement of alimony, I will fight to represent you. For more information,contact me at the law firm of Gerard J. Pisanelli for a free consultation with an experienced divorce attorney.